All Acoustic Brew Performers

List of all Acoustic Brew Performers

Note: The links below were valid at the time of the show, and some are many years old. Links change, as do performer, group, and label associations. If the link doesn’t work, try a later show by the same performer or use Google, Facebook, etc.. That’s how we try to keep up! Show# links go to our schedule page or the show info page. Act links go to the performer’s website.

Show#ActPerformed AsDate/SeasonVenuePrice
1253 Generations on StringsOpening Act for Southern RailSat Mar 23/Spring 2002CWB$10
253-D BettyOpening Act for Lou & Peter BerrymanSat Apr 9/Spring 1994CWB$7
285Abbie GardnerMain ActFeb 27/Spring 2016CWB$16
222Abbie Gardner & Anthony DaCostaMain ActSat Feb 27/Spring 2010CWB$14/$16
102Akire BubarOpening Act for CucanandyFri May 5/Spring 2000CWB$8
110Al Petteway and Amy WhiteMain ActSat Feb 3/Spring 2001CWB$8
262AlashMain ActThu Nov 14/Fall 2013WPSU$16
226Alash EnsembleMain ActSat May 1/Spring 2010WPSU$14/$16
78An Cre'Main ActSat Sep 26/Fall 1998CWB$8
217Ancient EchosOpening Act for Beth PattersonSat Oct 3/Fall 2009CWB$14/$16
3Andy SmithOpening Act for Red Apple JuiceFri Apr 24/Spring 1992CWB$5
21Andy SmithOpening Act for Steve Gillette & Cindy MangsenSat Feb 5/Spring 1994CWB$8
72Andy TolinsMain Act (Split)Sat Mar 21/Spring 1998CWB$7
16Andy TolinsOpening Act for MagpieSat Oct 23/Fall 1993CWB$6
126Andy TolinsOpening Act for Waterson:CarthySat Apr 13/Spring 2002HSS$10
246Andy TolinsPart of 20th Anniversary FestivalSat Feb 25/Spring 2012WPSUF R E E
98Andy Tolins & FriendsOpening Act for Small PotatoesFri Jan 28/Spring 2000CWB$8
324Andy Tolins, Richard Sleigh, & Bill StetzMain ActFeb 29/Spring 2020CWB$20
209Angelo M.Opening Act for Toby WalkerSat Jan 31/Spring 2009CWB$14
215Ann HillsMain ActSun May 17/Spring 2009CWB$14
160Ann RabsonMain ActSat Mar 26/Spring 2005CWB$12
37Anne HillsMain ActSat Apr 22/Spring 1995CWB$10
180Annie PattersonOpening Act for GirlymanSat Oct 28/Fall 2006WPSU$15
38Appalachian SpringMain ActSat May 6/Spring 1995CWB$7
131April Verch BandMain ActSat Nov 2/Fall 2002CWB$10
277April Verch BandMain ActApr 25/Spring 2015WPSU$16
292Ari and Mia FriedmanMain ActDec 3/Fall 2016CWB$16
49Armor & SturtevantOpening Act for No Strings AttachedSat May 18/Spring 1996CWB$7
103Armor & SturtevantOpening Act for Tom PaxtonSat Jun 3/Spring 2000HSS$15
69Armor and SturtevantMain ActSat Jan 24/Spring 1998CWB$7
58ArtisanMain ActSat Feb 22/Spring 1997CWB$8
137ArtisanMain ActSat Mar 22/Spring 2003CWB$10
136AssemblyOpening Act for Patrick StreetSun Mar 2/Spring 2003CWB$12
134Atwater-DonnellyMain ActSat Jan 25/Spring 2003CWB$10
250Atwater-DonnellyMain ActSat Sep 29/Fall 2012CWB$16
322Austin MacRaeMain Act (Split)Nov 23/Fall 2019CWB$22
31Aztec Two-StepMain ActSat Oct 22/Fall 1994CWB$10
61Back Road String BandOpening Act for Bob FrankeSat May 3/Spring 1997CWB$8
113Back Up & PushOpening Act for Freyda Epstein and Rolly BrownSat Apr 7/Spring 2001CWB$9
115BarachoisMain ActSun May 20/Spring 2001MNMS$12
143BarachoisMain ActSun Oct 26/Fall 2003HSS$15
188Barb BallengerPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Kendra Ward & Bob Bence Sat May 5/Spring 2007CWB$12
93Barbara PhaneufMain ActSat Oct 2/Fall 1999CWB$7
80Barbara PhaneufOpening Act for Lucy KaplanskySat Oct 10/Fall 1998CWB$8
116Barbara PhaneufOpening Act for Guy DavisSat Sep 15/Fall 2001CWB$10
140Barbara PhaneufMain Act (Split)Sat May 17/Spring 2003CWB$10
7Barby HolderMain ActSat Nov 21/Fall 1992CWB$6
91Barton & SweenyOpening Act for Chris Jones & the Night DriversSat Jun 12/Spring 1999UU$8
8Bellamyra TrioOpening Act for Susie Burke & David SuretteSat Dec 5/Fall 1992CWB$6
26Bellamyra TrioOpening Act for Jamie WatsonSat Apr 23/Spring 1994CWB$7
32Bellamyra TrioOpening Act for HeliconSat Nov 19/Fall 1994CWB$10
6Ben ClickOpening Act for Hugh BlumenfeldSat Oct 17/Fall 1992CWB$6
117Ben Murray and Siobhan QuinnOpening Act for Dave Carter & Tracy GrammerSat Sep 29/Fall 2001CWB$10
261Beppe GambettaMain ActSat Oct 19/Fall 2013WPSU$16
314Beppe GambettaMain ActFeb 9/Spring 2019CWB$22
79Bernice LewisOpening Act for No Strings AttachedSat Oct 10/Fall 1998CWB$8
182Berritt Smylin' BandOpening Act for Laurie Lewis & Tom RozumSat Dec 2/Fall 2006CWB$20
119Beth AmselOpening Act for Michael SmithSat Nov 3/Fall 2001CWB$10
139Beth AmselMain Act (Split)Sat May 3/Spring 2003CWB$10
217Beth PattersonMain ActSat Oct 3/Fall 2009CWB$14/$16
15Beth WilliamsMain ActSat Oct 16/Fall 1993CWB$6
138Bethanie YeakleOpening Act for Billy JonasSat Apr 12/Spring 2003CWB$10
30Bill MorrisseyMain ActSat Oct 15/Fall 1994CWB$10
63Bill StainesMain ActFri Sep 12/Fall 1997CWB$9
189Bill Staines Main ActSat Sep 15/Fall 2007CWB$15
263Bill StainesMain ActSat Dec 14/Fall 2013CWB$16
138Billy JonasMain ActSat Apr 12/Spring 2003CWB$10
193Bob Beach Opening Act for Lauren Sheehan Sat Nov 17/Fall 2007CWB$12
61Bob FrankeMain ActSat May 3/Spring 1997CWB$8
190BoholaMain ActSat Sep 29/Fall 2007CWB$17
305Brad & Ken Kolodner TrioMain ActApr 14/Spring 2018CWB$18
99Brad YoderOpening Act for Cosy SheridanFri Feb 25/Spring 2000CWB$8
141Brad YoderOpening Act for Lynn MilesSat Sep 20/Fall 2003CWB$12
170Brad YoderOpening Act for Erica WheelerSat Jan 21/Spring 2006CWB$12
204Brad YoderMain Act (Split)Fri Sep 19/Fall 2008CWB$14
101Bradley LitwinOpening Act for Christopher ShawSat Apr 8/Spring 2000CWB$8
151Bradley LitwinOpening Act for Hot Soup!Sat May 8/Spring 2004UU$12
135Brennon John BickelPart of 11th Anniversary Show featuring Rustical Quality String Band with The Coal Country Cloggers.Sat Feb 15/Spring 2003UU$12
24Bridget BallMain ActSat Mar 26/Spring 1994CWB$7
94Broadside ElectricMain ActSat Oct 23/Fall 1999CWB$8
60Broadside ElectricOpening Act for Martin HayesSat Apr 12/Spring 1997CWB$12
73Broadside ElectricOpening Act for NightingaleSat Apr 4/Spring 1998CWB$8
272Brother SunMain ActSat Oct 4/Fall 2014CWB$16
75Bruce BarrPart of Local Showcase, Main Act ChulruaSat May 2/Spring 1998CWB$9
177Bruce MolskyMain ActSat May 6/Spring 2006CWB$12
19Bruce YoungOpening Act for Guaranteed IrishSat Dec 4/Fall 1993CWB$6
128Bryan BowersMain ActSat May 11/Spring 2002CWB$10
264Burning Bridget ClearyMain ActSat Jan 18/Spring 2014CWB$16
39Burns SistersMain ActSat Sep 9/Fall 1995CWB$7
179Butch Ross & Christy BurnsOpening Act for Jay MankitaSat Oct 7/Fall 2006CWB$12
147CallanishOpening Act for Tolins Bluegrass RevueSat Feb 28/Spring 2004CWB$12
246CallanishPart of 20th Anniversary FestivalSat Feb 25/Spring 2012WPSUF R E E
34Carol Lee EspyOpening Act for Rosalie SorrelsSat Jan 14/Spring 1995CWB$8
148Carol PonderOpening Act for Pat DonohueSat Mar 20/Spring 2004CWB$12
325Carolann Solebello (cancelled by pandemic)Main Act (Split)Apr 4/Spring 2020CWB$20
112Celtic ClassicOpening Act for Craobh RuaFri Mar 23/Spring 2001HSS$10
87CeltimorphosisOpening Act for Priscilla HerdmanSat Apr 17/Spring 1999CWB$8
70Cheryl WheelerMain ActSat Feb 14/Spring 1998UU$12
246Chicken TractorPart of 20th Anniversary FestivalSat Feb 25/Spring 2012WPSUF R E E
91Chris Jones & the Night DriversMain ActSat Jun 12/Spring 1999UU$8
7Chris MincerOpening Act for Barby HolderSat Nov 21/Fall 1992CWB$6
174Chris SmitherMain ActSat Apr 1/Spring 2006WPSU$12
65Christina MuirOpening Act for Kim & Reggie Harris & MagpieSat Oct 11/Fall 1997CWB$10
74Christine LavinMain ActSat Apr 18/Spring 1998UU$15
187Christine LavinMain ActSat Apr 14/Spring 2007HSS$15
14Christopher ShawMain ActSat Sep 18/Fall 1993CWB$6
101Christopher ShawMain ActSat Apr 8/Spring 2000CWB$8
88Chuck BrodskyMain ActSat May 1/Spring 1999CWB$7
2Chuck HallMain ActSat Mar 28/Spring 1992CWB$5
75ChulruaMain ActSat May 2/Spring 1998CWB$9
130ClandestineMain ActSat Oct 5/Fall 2002HSS$12
154ClannamoreOpening Act for Sons of the Never WrongSat Oct 23/Fall 2004CWB$12
227Claudia SchmidtMain ActSat May 22/Spring 2010CWB$14/$16
5Cormac McCarthyMain ActFri Sep 18/Fall 1992CWB$6
43CornerstoneMain ActSat Dec 2/Fall 1995CWB$7
206Cornpone SallyOpening Act for We're About Nine Sat Nov 8/Fall 2008CWB$14
42Cosy SheridanMain ActSat Nov 18/Fall 1995CWB$7
99Cosy SheridanMain ActFri Feb 25/Spring 2000CWB$8
133Coyote RunOpening Act for Dry Branch Fire SquadSat Dec 7/Fall 2002UU$12
112Craobh RuaMain ActFri Mar 23/Spring 2001HSS$10
210Creaking Tree String QuartetOpening Act for Kim BeggsSat Feb 14/Spring 2009WPSU$15
279Creole StompMain ActSun Sep 27/Fall 2015WPSU$16
202Crossing North Opening Act for The Biscuit Burners Sat May 17/Spring 2008WPSU$15
219CrowfootMain ActFri Nov 13/Fall 2009CWB$14/$16
102CucanandyMain ActFri May 5/Spring 2000CWB$8
88CucanandyOpening Act for Chuck BrodskySat May 1/Spring 1999CWB$7
168Curtis RockwellOpening Act for Jim MalcolmSat Nov 5/Fall 2005CWB$12
220DALAMain ActSat Nov 21/Fall 2009CWB$14/$16
214Dan LaVoieOpening Act for Vance GilbertSat May 2/Spring 2009WPSU$15
89Dan StevensOpening Act for Martin SimpsonFri May 14/Spring 1999CWB$8
299Dan Stevens (as Ramblin' Dan Stevens)Main ActOct 14/Fall 2017CWB$16
319Dan WeberMain ActSep 21/Fall 2019CWB$18
135Daniel CollinsPart of 11th Anniversary Show featuring Rustical Quality String Band with The Coal Country Cloggers.Sat Feb 15/Spring 2003UU$12
75Dar FrantzPart of Local Showcase, Main Act ChulruaSat May 2/Spring 1998CWB$9
244Darrell ScottMain ActWed Dec 7/Fall 2011WPSU$16
139Darryl PurposeMain Act (Split)Sat May 3/Spring 2003CWB$10
96Darryl PurposeOpening Act for Voices of Winter: Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills, and Cindy MangsenSun Dec 5/Fall 1999UU$15
198Daughters of AnnPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Joel Mabus Sat Mar 22/Spring 2008CWB$14
117Dave Carter & Tracy GrammerMain ActSat Sep 29/Fall 2001CWB$10
111Dave LavrichPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Silk CitySat Feb 24/Spring 2001HSS$9
251Dave PottsOpening Act for James KeelaghanSat Oct 20/Fall 2012CWB$16
266David FranceyMain ActSat Mar 22/Spring 2014CWB$16
71David MassengillMain ActSat Feb 28/Spring 1998CWB$7
122David OlneyMain ActSat Jan 26/Spring 2002CWB$10
114David RothMain ActSat Apr 28/Spring 2001CWB$8
178David Wilcox Main ActSat Sep 23/Fall 2006HSS$15
145Dawn KinnardOpening Act for John LillySat Dec 13/Fall 2003CWB$12
33Debby McClatchyMain ActSat Dec 3/Fall 1994CWB$8
150Debra CowanOpening Act for Finest KindSat Apr 24/Spring 2004CWB$12
321Debra Cowan & John RobertsMain ActNov 9/Fall 2019CWB$22
273Dede Wylan and Momma TriedMain ActSat Oct 4/Fall 2014CWB$16
329Dede Wyland & the Big Howdy BandMain ActJun 27/Spring 2021BMA$20/$5
129Deidre FlintMain Act (Split)Sat Sep 14/Fall 2002CWB$10
181Deidre McCallaMain ActSat Nov 11/Fall 2006CWB$12
174Deidre McCallaOpening Act for Chris SmitherSat Apr 1/Spring 2006WPSU$12
105Deirdre FlintOpening Act for The Austin Lounge LizardsSat Sep 23/Fall 2000HSS$15
93del GattosOpening Act for Barbara PhaneufSat Oct 2/Fall 1999CWB$7
59del GattosPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Simple Gifts and Special GuestsSat Mar 22/Spring 1997CWB$7
267Del ReyMain ActSat Apr 5/Spring 2014CWB$16
234Diana JonesMain ActSat Jan 22/Spring 2011CWB$16
35Diane McDanielsOpening Act for John JacksonSat Feb 25/Spring 1995CWB$8
282Dirk Powell and Riley BaugusMain ActDec 5/Fall 2015WPSU$16
243Doug and Telisha WilliamsMain ActSat Nov 19/Fall 2011CWB$16
246Doug IrwinPart of 20th Anniversary FestivalSat Feb 25/Spring 2012WPSUF R E E
133Dry Branch Fire SquadMain ActSat Dec 7/Fall 2002UU$12
200Dry Branch Fire Squad Main ActSat Apr 19/Spring 2008MNMS$16
318Duo DuoMain ActMay 18/Spring 2019WPSU$22
53Eileen McGannMain ActSat Oct 26/Fall 1996CWB$8
211ELLISMain ActSat Mar 21/Spring 2009CWB$14
304EllisMain ActMar 24/Spring 2018CWB$16
194Eric Schwartz Main ActSat Dec 1/Fall 2007CWB$12
170Erica WheelerMain ActSat Jan 21/Spring 2006CWB$12
201Erik BalkeyMain Act (Split)Sat May 3/Spring 2008CWB$14
186Erik BalkeyOpening Act for Red MollySat Mar 24/Spring 2007CWB$15
142Ernie HawkinsOpening Act for No Strings AttachedSat Oct 4/Fall 2003CWB$12
134Eve GoldbergOpening Act for Atwater-DonnellySat Jan 25/Spring 2003CWB$10
173FieldstoneOpening Act for PipelineSat Mar 18/Spring 2006CWB$12
150Finest KindMain ActSat Apr 24/Spring 2004CWB$12
153Fitzgerald & BeachOpening Act for The Arrogant WormsSat Oct 9/Fall 2004CWB$15
236Foghorn StringbandMain ActSat Mar 19/Spring 2011CWB$16
287Foghorn StringbandMain ActApr 23/Spring 2016CWB$16
239Four Shillings ShortMain ActSat Apr 30/Spring 2011CWB$16
240Frank FairfieldMain ActSat Sep 17/Fall 2011CWB$16
241Frank Solivan and Dirty KitchenMain ActSat Oct 22/Fall 2011CWB$16
15Freelance Bluegrass BandOpening Act for Beth WilliamsSat Oct 16/Fall 1993CWB$6
113Freyda Epstein and Rolly BrownMain ActSat Apr 7/Spring 2001CWB$9
310Friction FarmMain ActOct. 20/Fall 2018CWB$18
152Full Frontal FolkMain ActSat Sep 25/Fall 2004CWB$12
165GalitchaMain ActSat Sep 24/Fall 2005CWB$12
175Ged Foley & Kevin BurkeMain ActSun Apr 9/Spring 2006CWB$15
325George WirthMain Act (Split)Apr 4/Spring 2020CWB$20
90Girls from MarsOpening Act for Greg BrownFri May 21/Spring 1999UU$15
180GirlymanMain ActSat Oct 28/Fall 2006WPSU$15
90Greg BrownMain ActFri May 21/Spring 1999UU$15
62Greg GreenwayOpening Act for Lui CollinsSat May 31/Spring 1997CWB$8
222Greg KlymaOpening Act for Abbie Gardner & Anthony DaCostaSat Feb 27/Spring 2010CWB$14/$16
259Greg TrooperMain ActSat May 11/Spring 2013CWB$16
207Grey Larsen & Cindy KalletMain ActSat Dec 6/Fall 2008CWB$14
19Guaranteed IrishMain ActSat Dec 4/Fall 1993CWB$6
51Guy DavisMain ActSat Sep 21/Fall 1996CWB$8
116Guy DavisMain ActSat Sep 15/Fall 2001CWB$10
315Hank CramerMain ActApr 6/Spring 2019CWB$18
207Hank CramerOpening Act for Grey Larsen & Cindy KalletSat Dec 6/Fall 2008CWB$14
187Hannah BingmanOpening Act for Christine LavinSat Apr 14/Spring 2007HSS$15
211Hannah BingmanOpening Act for ELLISSat Mar 21/Spring 2009CWB$14
158Hannah BingmanPart of Local Showcase, Main Act The KennedysSat Jan 29/Spring 2005CWB$12
281Hanneke Cassel, Mike Block & Keith MurphyMain ActNov 14/Fall 2015CWB$16
17Harvey ReidMain ActSat Nov 6/Fall 1993CWB$6
276Heather Aubrey LloydMain ActApr 11/Spring 2015CWB$16
32HeliconMain ActSat Nov 19/Fall 1994CWB$10
55Herdman, Hills, & MangsenMain ActFri Dec 6/Fall 1996CWB$12
162Hickory ProjectMain ActSat Apr 23/Spring 2005CWB$12
149Hickory ProjectOpening Act for John McCutcheonSun Apr 4/Spring 2004HSS$15
320Hiroya TsukamotoMain ActOct 12/Fall 2019CWB$22
83Hot Soup!Main ActSat Jan 16/Spring 1999CWB$7
151Hot Soup!Main ActSat May 8/Spring 2004UU$12
76Hot Soup!Opening Act for John McCutcheonFri Jun 5/Spring 1998UU$15
6Hugh BlumenfeldMain ActSat Oct 17/Fall 1992CWB$6
4Ira CaplanOpening Act for Rustical Quality String BandSat May 9/Spring 1992CWB$5
144IronworksOpening Act for The Kruger BrothersSat Nov 15/Fall 2003HSS$12
2J.R. ManganOpening Act for Chuck HallSat Mar 28/Spring 1992CWB$5
140Jack WilliamsMain Act (Split)Sat May 17/Spring 2003CWB$10
164James KeelaghanMain ActSat Jun 11/Spring 2005CWB$12
251James KeelaghanMain ActSat Oct 20/Fall 2012CWB$16
66James MeeOpening Act for Nancy TuckerSat Oct 25/Fall 1997CWB$8
26Jamie WatsonMain ActSat Apr 23/Spring 1994CWB$7
179Jay MankitaMain ActSat Oct 7/Fall 2006CWB$12
11Jay SmarMain ActSat Feb 13/Spring 1993CWB$6
245Jeffrey FoucaultMain ActSat Jan 14/Spring 2012WPSU$16
29Jem & Arian and Nick BlantonMain ActSat Sep 24/Fall 1994CWB$10
167Jim ColbertOpening Act for Small PotatoesSat Oct 22/Fall 2005CWB$12
221Jim ColbertOpening Act for Verlon ThompsonSat Jan 16/Spring 2010CWB$14/$16
246Jim ColbertPart of 20th Anniversary FestivalSat Feb 25/Spring 2012WPSUF R E E
146Jim ColbertPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Sparky & Rhonda RuckerSat Jan 31/Spring 2004CWB$12
168Jim MalcolmMain ActSat Nov 5/Fall 2005CWB$12
115Jive 5 Minus 2Opening Act for BarachoisSun May 20/Spring 2001MNMS$12
121Jo Serrapere & John DevineOpening Act for Northwest TerritorySat Dec 1/Fall 2001CWB$10
291Joe CrookstonMain ActNov 19/Fall 2016WPSU$20
162Joe CrookstonOpening Act for Hickory ProjectSat Apr 23/Spring 2005CWB$12
327Joe JencksMain ActAug 30/Fall 2020LVGFREE
326Joe Jencks (cancelled by pandemic)Main ActMay 2/Spring 2020CWB$20
59Joe PillotPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Simple Gifts and Special GuestsSat Mar 22/Spring 1997CWB$7
23Joel MabusMain ActSat Mar 19/Spring 1994CWB$7
81Joel MabusMain ActSat Nov 21/Fall 1998CWB$7
132Joel MabusMain ActSat Nov 23/Fall 2002CWB$10
198Joel Mabus Main ActSat Mar 22/Spring 2008CWB$14
39John CunninghamOpening Act for Burns SistersSat Sep 9/Fall 1995CWB$7
293John FlynnMain ActFeb 4/Spring 2017CWB$16
129John ForsterMain Act (Split)Sat Sep 14/Fall 2002CWB$10
35John JacksonMain ActSat Feb 25/Spring 1995CWB$8
145John LillyMain ActSat Dec 13/Fall 2003CWB$12
213John LillyMain ActSat Apr 18/Spring 2009CWB$14
132John LillyOpening Act for Joel MabusSat Nov 23/Fall 2002CWB$10
76John McCutcheonMain ActFri Jun 5/Spring 1998UU$15
149John McCutcheonMain ActSun Apr 4/Spring 2004HSS$15
137John ShermanOpening Act for ArtisanSat Mar 22/Spring 2003CWB$10
181John StatzOpening Act for Deidre McCallaSat Nov 11/Fall 2006CWB$12
54Jon RoundsOpening Act for Roberts & BarrandSat Nov 9/Fall 1996CWB$8
253Joy Kills SorrowMain ActTue Dec 4/Fall 2012WPSU$16
290Jud CaswellMain ActOct 22/Fall 2016CWB$16
197Jud Caswell Opening Act for Richard Smith & Julie Adams Sat Mar 1/Spring 2008CWB$14
123Judy CookOpening Act for Peggy SeegerSat Feb 9/Spring 2002CWB$10
130JuggernautOpening Act for ClandestineSat Oct 5/Fall 2002HSS$12
14K.J. Riemensnyder-WagnerOpening Act for Christopher ShawSat Sep 18/Fall 1993CWB$6
188Karen AlleyPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Kendra Ward & Bob Bence Sat May 5/Spring 2007CWB$12
201Karen MalMain Act (Split)Sat May 3/Spring 2008CWB$14
317Karyn OliverMain ActMay 4/Spring 2019CWB$18
280Kate CallahanMain ActOct 24/Fall 2015CWB$16
146Kate MorrisseyPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Sparky & Rhonda RuckerSat Jan 31/Spring 2004CWB$12
94Katya ChoroverOpening Act for Broadside ElectricSat Oct 23/Fall 1999CWB$8
159Kelly CarmichaelOpening Act for Kim & Reggie HarrisSat Feb 19/Spring 2005CWB$12
330Ken & Brad Kolodner QuartetMain ActJul 25/Fall 2021BMA$20/$5
188Kendra Ward & Bob Bence Main ActSat May 5/Spring 2007CWB$12
223Kevin Burke and Cal ScottMain ActSat Mar 20/Spring 2010WPSU$14/$16
1Kevin MorrisseyOpening Act for Simple GiftsSat Feb 22/Spring 1992CWB$5
127Kevin SoOpening Act for SONiASat Apr 27/Spring 2002CWB$10
40Kim & Reggie HarrisMain ActSat Sep 30/Fall 1995CWB$7
159Kim & Reggie HarrisMain ActSat Feb 19/Spring 2005CWB$12
65Kim & Reggie Harris & MagpieMain ActSat Oct 11/Fall 1997CWB$10
210Kim BeggsMain ActSat Feb 14/Spring 2009WPSU$15
86KJPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Pat DonohueSat Mar 20/Spring 1999CWB$7
56KozlovaOpening Act for Peter Oustroushko and Dean MagrawFri Jan 17/Spring 1997UU$12
40Kris Kehr TrioOpening Act for Kim & Reggie HarrisSat Sep 30/Fall 1995CWB$7
275Laura Cortese & the Dance CardsMain ActMar 7/Spring 2015CWB$16
193Lauren Sheehan Main ActSat Nov 17/Fall 2007CWB$12
143Laurie HartOpening Act for BarachoisSun Oct 26/Fall 2003HSS$15
182Laurie Lewis & Tom RozumMain ActSat Dec 2/Fall 2006CWB$20
228Laurie Lewis & Tom RozumMain ActMon May 31/Spring 2010CWB$14/$16
48Laurie Lewis and Grant StreetMain ActSun Apr 21/Spring 1996CWB$12
161Le Vent du NordMain ActSat Apr 9/Spring 2005CWB$15
104Les SampouOpening Act for Walt Michael & Co.Fri Sep 8/Fall 2000CWB$9
260Lindsay Lou & the FlatbellysMain ActSat Sep 28/Fall 2013WPSU$16
64LisaBeth WeberOpening Act for Vance GilbertFri Sep 26/Fall 1997CWB$8
256Long Time CourtingMain ActSat Mar 23/Spring 2013CWB$16
18Lorraine Lee & Bennett HammondMain ActSat Nov 20/Fall 1993CWB$6
25Lou & Peter BerrymanMain ActSat Apr 9/Spring 1994CWB$7
309Low LilyMain ActOct. 6/Fall 2018CWB$18
80Lucy KaplanskyMain ActSat Oct 10/Fall 1998CWB$8
62Lui CollinsMain ActSat May 31/Spring 1997CWB$8
294LúnasaMain ActFeb 25/Spring 2017WPSU$25
141Lynn MilesMain ActSat Sep 20/Fall 2003CWB$12
128MadrigalOpening Act for Bryan BowersSat May 11/Spring 2002CWB$10
300Maeve Gilchrist & Keith MurphyMain ActNov 4/Fall 2017CWB$18
16MagpieMain ActSat Oct 23/Fall 1993CWB$6
67Major OrdainedOpening Act for Sally RogersSat Nov 15/Fall 1997CWB$10
286Malcolm HolcombeMain ActMar 26/Spring 2016CWB$16
190Marc BerardoOpening Act for BoholaSat Sep 29/Fall 2007CWB$17
220Maria DuBielOpening Act for DALASat Nov 21/Fall 2009CWB$14/$16
131Mark ElliotOpening Act for April Verch BandSat Nov 2/Fall 2002CWB$10
233Mark O'ConnorMain ActWed Dec 1/Fall 2010WPSU$32
60Martin HayesMain ActSat Apr 12/Spring 1997CWB$12
89Martin SimpsonMain ActFri May 14/Spring 1999CWB$8
70Mary Ann RossoniOpening Act for Cheryl WheelerSat Feb 14/Spring 1998UU$12
242Mary GauthierMain ActSat Nov 5/Fall 2011CWB$19
155Mary Sue TwohyOpening Act for Scott AinslieSat Nov 13/Fall 2004CWB$12
237Matt & Shannon HeatonMain ActSat Mar 26/Spring 2011CWB$16
225Matt BrownOpening Act for Sparky & Rhonda RuckerSat Apr 17/Spring 2010CWB$14/$16
42Medicinal PurposeOpening Act for Cosy SheridanSat Nov 18/Fall 1995CWB$7
303Michael JerlingMain ActMar 10/Spring 2018CWB$18
45Michael SmithMain ActSat Feb 10/Spring 1996CWB$7
119Michael SmithMain ActSat Nov 3/Fall 2001CWB$10
215Michael SmithOpening Act for Ann HillsSun May 17/Spring 2009CWB$14
165Michael YoungOpening Act for GalitchaSat Sep 24/Fall 2005CWB$12
114Michelle KatzOpening Act for David RothSat Apr 28/Spring 2001CWB$8
124Michelle KatzPart of 10th Anniversary with Michelle Katz, Steele Hollow and Simple GiftsSat Feb 23/Spring 2002UU$10
100Michelle KatzPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Simple GiftsSat Mar 25/Spring 2000UU$10
36Mick Moloney & Eugene O'DonnellMain ActSat Mar 18/Spring 1995CWB$10
295Mike + RuthyMain ActMar 11/Spring 2017CWB$16
313Mike BlockMain ActJan 26/Spring 2019CWB$18
55Mike BrattOpening Act for Herdman, Hills, & MangsenFri Dec 6/Fall 1996CWB$12
176Mike CrossMain ActSat Apr 22/Spring 2006HSS$15
120Mike SeegerMain ActSat Nov 17/Fall 2001CWB$10
226Mimi Jong and AppalAsiaOpening Act for Alash EnsembleSat May 1/Spring 2010WPSU$14/$16
92Mindy SimmonsOpening Act for Vance GilbertSat Sep 18/Fall 1999CWB$10
107Mindy SimmonsOpening Act for Y'allSat Nov 11/Fall 2000CWB$8
316Missy Raines TrioMain ActMar 23/Spring 2019CWB$22
158MoosecatsPart of Local Showcase, Main Act The KennedysSat Jan 29/Spring 2005CWB$12
246Mountain FirePart of 20th Anniversary FestivalSat Feb 25/Spring 2012WPSUF R E E
44MuseOpening Act for Susie Burke & David SuretteSat Jan 20/Spring 1996CWB$7
100Musical Showcase Tribute to Kim Fisher with Steele Hollow and Michelle KatzOpening Act for Simple GiftsSat Mar 25/Spring 2000UU$10
296Mustard's RetreatMain ActMar 25/Spring 2017CWB$18
66Nancy TuckerMain ActSat Oct 25/Fall 1997CWB$8
185Neil JacobsOpening Act for The Dust Poets Sat Mar 3/Spring 2007CWB$12
205Nick Annis and Elizabeth CrisfieldOpening Act for Sons of the Never WrongSat Oct 4/Fall 2008WPSU$15
73NightingaleMain ActSat Apr 4/Spring 1998CWB$8
83Nittany Highland BagpipersOpening Act for Hot Soup!Sat Jan 16/Spring 1999CWB$7
278No Fuss and Feathers RoadshowMain ActMay 9/Spring 2015CWB$16
49No Strings AttachedMain ActSat May 18/Spring 1996CWB$7
79No Strings AttachedMain ActSat Oct 10/Fall 1998CWB$8
142No Strings AttachedMain ActSat Oct 4/Fall 2003CWB$12
177Noah ZacharinOpening Act for Bruce MolskySat May 6/Spring 2006CWB$12
97NoneOpening Act for Pat HumphriesSat Jan 15/Spring 2000CWB$7
41Norman & Nancy BlakeMain ActSat Oct 28/Fall 1995CWB$15
121Northwest TerritoryMain ActSat Dec 1/Fall 2001CWB$10
274Orrin StarMain ActJan 17/Spring 2015CWB$16
63Pam GaddOpening Act for Bill StainesFri Sep 12/Fall 1997CWB$9
189Pam Goddard Opening Act for Bill Staines Sat Sep 15/Fall 2007CWB$15
47Pat DonohueMain ActSat Mar 23/Spring 1996CWB$7
86Pat DonohueMain ActSat Mar 20/Spring 1999CWB$7
148Pat DonohueMain ActSat Mar 20/Spring 2004CWB$12
97Pat HumphriesMain ActSat Jan 15/Spring 2000CWB$7
176Pat WictorOpening Act for Mike CrossSat Apr 22/Spring 2006HSS$15
199Pat Wictor / Danielle MiragliaMain ActSat Apr 5/Spring 2008CWB$14
71Patrick McGinleyOpening Act for David MassengillSat Feb 28/Spring 1998CWB$7
136Patrick StreetMain ActSun Mar 2/Spring 2003CWB$12
156Patty LarkinMain ActFri Dec 3/Fall 2004HSS$15
12Paul FarnhamOpening Act for Steve KeySat Apr 17/Spring 1993CWB$6
111Paul FarnhamPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Silk CitySat Feb 24/Spring 2001HSS$9
218Paul Rishel & Annie RainesMain ActSat Oct 31/Fall 2009CWB$14/$16
123Peggy SeegerMain ActSat Feb 9/Spring 2002CWB$10
268Pesky J. NixonMain ActSat Apr 26/Spring 2014CWB$16
270Peter CaseMain ActSat Oct 4/Fall 2014CWB$16
72Peter KeaneMain Act (Split)Sat Mar 21/Spring 1998CWB$7
208Peter OstroushkoMain ActSun Jan 18/Spring 2009CWB$14
56Peter Oustroushko and Dean MagrawMain ActFri Jan 17/Spring 1997UU$12
218Phil (Blues Boy) MinissaleOpening Act for Paul Rishel & Annie RainesSat Oct 31/Fall 2009CWB$14/$16
43Phil SpoorOpening Act for CornerstoneSat Dec 2/Fall 1995CWB$7
58Phyllis CapannaOpening Act for ArtisanSat Feb 22/Spring 1997CWB$8
246Picker & PapaPart of 20th Anniversary FestivalSat Feb 25/Spring 2012WPSUF R E E
50Pint & DaleMain ActSat Sep 7/Fall 1996CWB$7
173PipelineMain ActSat Mar 18/Spring 2006CWB$12
238Pokey LaFarge & the South City ThreeMain ActSat Apr 16/Spring 2011CWB$16
87Priscilla HerdmanMain ActSat Apr 17/Spring 1999CWB$8
246Pure Cane SugarPart of 20th Anniversary FestivalSat Feb 25/Spring 2012WPSUF R E E
9Queen BeeMain ActSat Jan 9/Spring 1993CWB$6
192Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem Main ActSat Nov 10/Fall 2007CWB$19
289Raven and The WrenMain ActSept 24/Fall 2016CWB$16
172Rebecca Hall & Ken AndersonOpening Act for The Creaking Tree String QuartetSat Feb 25/Spring 2006CWB$12
3Red Apple JuiceMain ActFri Apr 24/Spring 1992CWB$5
13Red Apple JuiceOpening Act for Tom TaylorSat May 8/Spring 1993CWB$6
48Red Apple JuiceOpening Act for Laurie Lewis and Grant StreetSun Apr 21/Spring 1996CWB$12
186Red MollyMain ActSat Mar 24/Spring 2007CWB$15
307Red MollyMain ActSep. 9/Fall 2018TST$25
178Red Molly Opening Act for David Wilcox Sat Sep 23/Fall 2006HSS$15
271Red Tail RingMain ActSat Oct 25/Fall 2014CWB$16
69RedwingOpening Act for Armor and SturtevantSat Jan 24/Spring 1998CWB$7
5Rene CampbellOpening Act for Cormac McCarthyFri Sep 18/Fall 1992CWB$6
37Rene CampbellOpening Act for Anne HillsSat Apr 22/Spring 1995CWB$10
86Rhyne McCormickPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Pat DonohueSat Mar 20/Spring 1999CWB$7
108Richard SleighOpening Act for Susan WernerSat Dec 9/Fall 2000CWB$10
184Richard SleighOpening Act for Rory Block Sat Feb 10/Spring 2007WPSU$17
246Richard SleighPart of 20th Anniversary FestivalSat Feb 25/Spring 2012WPSUF R E E
197Richard Smith & Julie Adams Main ActSat Mar 1/Spring 2008CWB$14
122Richard WylieOpening Act for David OlneySat Jan 26/Spring 2002CWB$10
59Rick BurgsteinerPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Simple Gifts and Special GuestsSat Mar 22/Spring 1997CWB$7
11Rick CosgroveOpening Act for Jay SmarSat Feb 13/Spring 1993CWB$6
109Robert AtyeoOpening Act for TanglefootSat Jan 20/Spring 2001CWB$10
54Roberts & BarrandMain ActSat Nov 9/Fall 1996CWB$8
85Robin & Linda Williams & Their Fine GroupMain ActFri Feb 26/Spring 1999HSS$10
230Rod Picott & Amanda ShiresMain ActSat Oct 2/Fall 2010CWB$16
192RootboundOpening Act for Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem Sat Nov 10/Fall 2007CWB$19
184Rory Block Main ActSat Feb 10/Spring 2007WPSU$17
34Rosalie SorrelsMain ActSat Jan 14/Spring 1995CWB$8
95Rounds, Sleigh, and ZoltenOpening Act for Rustical Quality String BandSat Nov 6/Fall 1999CWB$8
20Russ McMillanOpening Act for Susan KemperSat Jan 15/Spring 1994CWB$7
50Russ McMillan & Toby CarlsonOpening Act for Pint & DaleSat Sep 7/Fall 1996CWB$7
156Russ RentlerOpening Act for Patty LarkinFri Dec 3/Fall 2004HSS$15
47Rustical QualityOpening Act for Pat DonohueSat Mar 23/Spring 1996CWB$7
4Rustical Quality String BandMain ActSat May 9/Spring 1992CWB$5
95Rustical Quality String BandMain ActSat Nov 6/Fall 1999CWB$8
216Rustical Quality String BandMain ActMon Sep 7/Fall 2009CWBF R E E
68Rustical Quality String BandOpening Act for The Lynn Morris BandSat Dec 6/Fall 1997UU$10
254Sally BarrisMain ActSat Jan 26/Spring 2013CWB$16
67Sally RogersMain ActSat Nov 15/Fall 1997CWB$10
10Sally Rogers & Claudia SchmidtMain ActSat Jan 16/Spring 1993CWB$12
28Sally Rogers & Howie BursenMain ActSun Jun 5/Spring 1994CWB$10
302Sam Gleaves & Tyler HughesMain ActFeb 10/Spring 2018CWB$18
157Sara Milonovich & Greg AndersonMain ActSat Jan 15/Spring 2005CWB$12
82Saul BroudyOpening Act for The House BandSun Dec 6/Fall 1998CWB$10
166Scott 'Dog Boy' AppelOpening Act for The WIYOSSat Oct 8/Fall 2005CWB$12
155Scott AinslieMain ActSat Nov 13/Fall 2004CWB$12
255Scott AinslieMain ActSat Feb 9/Spring 2013CWB$16
75Showcase of Local Performers: Bruce Barr, Dar Frantz, and Van WagnerOpening Act for ChulruaSat May 2/Spring 1998CWB$9
111Silk CityMain ActSat Feb 24/Spring 2001HSS$9
1Simple GiftsMain ActSat Feb 22/Spring 1992CWB$5
100Simple GiftsMain ActSat Mar 25/Spring 2000UU$10
183Simple GiftsMain ActSat Jan 13/Spring 2007WPSU$15
246Simple GiftsMain ActSat Feb 25/Spring 2012WPSUF R E E
328Simple GiftsMain ActSep 27/Fall 2020LVGFREE
18Simple GiftsOpening Act for Lorraine Lee & Bennett HammondSat Nov 20/Fall 1993CWB$6
223Simple GiftsOpening Act for Kevin Burke and Cal ScottSat Mar 20/Spring 2010WPSU$14/$16
124Simple GiftsPart of 10th Anniversary with Michelle Katz, Steele Hollow and Simple GiftsSat Feb 23/Spring 2002UU$10
59Simple Gifts and Special GuestsMain ActSat Mar 22/Spring 1997CWB$7
308Simple Gifts CD ReleaseMain ActSep. 15/Fall 2018CWB$18
22Simple Gifts with Steve SchneiderMain ActSat Feb 12/Spring 1994CWB$7
196Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers Main ActSat Feb 9/Spring 2008CWB$14
57Small PotatoesMain ActSat Jan 25/Spring 1997CWB$7
98Small PotatoesMain ActFri Jan 28/Spring 2000CWB$8
167Small PotatoesMain ActSat Oct 22/Fall 2005CWB$12
127SONiAMain ActSat Apr 27/Spring 2002CWB$10
298SONiA disappear fearMain ActSep 23/Fall 2017CWB$18
154Sons of the Never WrongMain ActSat Oct 23/Fall 2004CWB$12
205Sons of the Never WrongMain ActSat Oct 4/Fall 2008WPSU$15
322Sophie BuskinMain Act (Split)Nov 23/Fall 2019CWB$22
125Southern RailMain ActSat Mar 23/Spring 2002CWB$10
146Sparky & Rhonda RuckerMain ActSat Jan 31/Spring 2004CWB$12
225Sparky & Rhonda RuckerMain ActSat Apr 17/Spring 2010CWB$14/$16
163Spider John KoernerMain ActSat May 7/Spring 2005CWB$12
224Stacey Earle & Mark StuartMain ActSat Apr 3/Spring 2010CWB$14/$16
86Stacy TibbettsPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Pat DonohueSat Mar 20/Spring 1999CWB$7
53Stained Grass WindowOpening Act for Eileen McGannSat Oct 26/Fall 1996CWB$8
31Stan ShepherdOpening Act for Aztec Two-StepSat Oct 22/Fall 1994CWB$10
106Steele HollowOpening Act for The Wrigley SistersFri Oct 6/Fall 2000CWB$10
124Steele HollowPart of 10th Anniversary with Michelle Katz, Steele Hollow and Simple GiftsSat Feb 23/Spring 2002UU$10
100Steele HollowPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Simple GiftsSat Mar 25/Spring 2000UU$10
46Stephen TuttleOpening Act for WhirligigSat Feb 24/Spring 1996CWB$8
78Steve BlackOpening Act for An Cre'Sat Sep 26/Fall 1998CWB$8
111Steve BuckalewPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Silk CitySat Feb 24/Spring 2001HSS$9
21Steve Gillette & Cindy MangsenMain ActSat Feb 5/Spring 1994CWB$8
171Steve Gillette & Cindy MangsenMain ActSat Feb 11/Spring 2006CWB$12
248Steve JamesMain ActSat Apr 28/Spring 2012CWB$16
12Steve KeyMain ActSat Apr 17/Spring 1993CWB$6
45Strath-HannaOpening Act for Michael SmithSat Feb 10/Spring 1996CWB$7
20Susan KemperMain ActSat Jan 15/Spring 1994CWB$7
41Susan Kemper & Andy TolinsOpening Act for Norman & Nancy BlakeSat Oct 28/Fall 1995CWB$15
77Susan PiperMain ActSat Sep 12/Fall 1998CWB$7
74Susan PiperOpening Act for Christine LavinSat Apr 18/Spring 1998UU$15
108Susan WernerMain ActSat Dec 9/Fall 2000CWB$10
284Susan WernerMain ActFeb 6/Spring 2016WPSU$16
8Susie Burke & David SuretteMain ActSat Dec 5/Fall 1992CWB$6
44Susie Burke & David SuretteMain ActSat Jan 20/Spring 1996CWB$7
57Sweetwater ReunionOpening Act for Small PotatoesSat Jan 25/Spring 1997CWB$7
109TanglefootMain ActSat Jan 20/Spring 2001CWB$10
195TanglefootMain ActSat Jan 19/Spring 2008WPSU$15
81Tanya SavoryOpening Act for Joel MabusSat Nov 21/Fall 1998CWB$7
33Terry KitchenOpening Act for Debby McClatchySat Dec 3/Fall 1994CWB$8
229The Allegheny RidgerunnersMain ActMon Sep 6/Fall 2010CWBF R E E
153The Arrogant WormsMain ActSat Oct 9/Fall 2004CWB$15
105The Austin Lounge LizardsMain ActSat Sep 23/Fall 2000HSS$15
202The Biscuit Burners Main ActSat May 17/Spring 2008WPSU$15
269The Boxcar LiliesMain ActSat May 17/Spring 2014CWB$16
52The CantrellsMain ActSat Oct 5/Fall 1996CWB$7
118The Chenille SistersMain ActSat Oct 13/Fall 2001CWB$10
135The Coal Country CloggersPart of 11th Anniversary Show featuring Rustical Quality String Band with The Coal Country Cloggers.Sat Feb 15/Spring 2003UU$12
232The Craven Family BandMain ActSat Nov 20/Fall 2010CWB$16
172The Creaking Tree String QuartetMain ActSat Feb 25/Spring 2006CWB$12
185The Dust Poets Main ActSat Mar 3/Spring 2007CWB$12
301The Early MaysMain ActDec 9/Fall 2017CWB$18
332The Early MaysMain ActAug 29/Fall 2021BMA$20/$5
169the everybodyfieldsOpening Act for The Kruger BrothersSat Dec 3/Fall 2005HSS$15
203The Fox Hunt Main ActMon Sep 1/Fall 2008CWBF R E E
191The Fox Hunt Opening Act for The Hillbilly Gypsies Sat Oct 20/Fall 2007CWB$12
231The Guy Mendilow BandMain ActSat Oct 23/Fall 2010WPSU$16
191The Hillbilly Gypsies Main ActSat Oct 20/Fall 2007CWB$12
297The Hillbilly GypsiesMain ActApr 15/Spring 2017WPSU$16
283The Honey DewdropsMain ActDec 12/Fall 2015CWB$16
212The HotseatsMain ActSat Apr 4/Spring 2009CWB$14
82The House BandMain ActSun Dec 6/Fall 1998CWB$10
85The Jive Five (minus Three)Opening Act for Robin & Linda Williams & Their Fine GroupFri Feb 26/Spring 1999HSS$10
51The JivebombersOpening Act for Guy DavisSat Sep 21/Fall 1996CWB$8
158The KennedysMain ActSat Jan 29/Spring 2005CWB$12
312The KennedysMain ActNov. 17/Fall 2018CWB$18
144The Kruger BrothersMain ActSat Nov 15/Fall 2003HSS$12
169The Kruger BrothersMain ActSat Dec 3/Fall 2005HSS$15
311The Loretta Hagen TrioMain ActNov. 3/Fall 2018CWB$18
68The Lynn Morris BandMain ActSat Dec 6/Fall 1997UU$10
200The Milroys Opening Act for Dry Branch Fire Squad Sat Apr 19/Spring 2008MNMS$16
84the modal men of mona'sMain ActSat Feb 6/Spring 1999CWB$8
118The RentersOpening Act for The Chenille SistersSat Oct 13/Fall 2001CWB$10
323The ScoochesMain ActFeb 1/Spring 2020CWB$22
235The Steel WheelsMain ActSat Feb 5/Spring 2011CWB$16
247The Stray BirdsMain ActSat Mar 31/Spring 2012CWB$16
288The Tall TreesMain ActMay 7/Spring 2016CWB$16
238The Twilite BroadcastersOpening Act for Pokey LaFarge & the South City ThreeSat Apr 16/Spring 2011CWB$16
194The Two Man Gentlemen BandOpening Act for Eric Schwartz Sat Dec 1/Fall 2007CWB$12
166The WIYOSMain ActSat Oct 8/Fall 2005CWB$12
152The WIYOSOpening Act for Full Frontal FolkSat Sep 25/Fall 2004CWB$12
106The Wrigley SistersMain ActFri Oct 6/Fall 2000CWB$10
111Three Generations on StringsPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Silk CitySat Feb 24/Spring 2001HSS$9
9three local performersOpening Act for Queen BeeSat Jan 9/Spring 1993CWB$6
257Tim Eriksen & the Trio de PumpkintownMain ActSat Apr 13/Spring 2013CWB$19
249Tish HinojosaMain ActSat May 12/Spring 2012CWB$16
209Toby WalkerMain ActSat Jan 31/Spring 2009CWB$14
147Tolins Bluegrass RevueMain ActSat Feb 28/Spring 2004CWB$12
103Tom PaxtonMain ActSat Jun 3/Spring 2000HSS$15
13Tom TaylorMain ActSat May 8/Spring 1993CWB$6
27Tom TaylorMain ActSat May 7/Spring 1994CWB$7
252Town MountainMain ActSat Nov 10/Fall 2012CWB$16
110Travelin' Tom & Dr. PaulOpening Act for Al Petteway and Amy WhiteSat Feb 3/Spring 2001CWB$8
258Tumbling BonesMain ActSat Apr 27/Spring 2013CWB$16
212Tussey Mountain MoonshinersOpening Act for The HotseatsSat Apr 4/Spring 2009CWB$14
246Tussey Mountain MoonshinersPart of 20th Anniversary FestivalSat Feb 25/Spring 2012WPSUF R E E
198Tussey Mountain MoonshinersPart of Local Showcase, Main Act Joel Mabus Sat Mar 22/Spring 2008CWB$14
204Van WagnerMain Act (Split)Fri Sep 19/Fall 2008CWB$14
331Van WagnerMain ActAug 15/Fall 2021BMA$15/$5
77Van WagnerOpening Act for Susan PiperSat Sep 12/Fall 1998CWB$7
163Van WagnerOpening Act for Spider John KoernerSat May 7/Spring 2005CWB$12
75Van WagnerPart of Local Showcase, Main Act ChulruaSat May 2/Spring 1998CWB$9
64Vance GilbertMain ActFri Sep 26/Fall 1997CWB$8
92Vance GilbertMain ActSat Sep 18/Fall 1999CWB$10
214Vance GilbertMain ActSat May 2/Spring 2009WPSU$15
221Verlon ThompsonMain ActSat Jan 16/Spring 2010CWB$14/$16
265Verlon ThompsonMain ActSat Feb 8/Spring 2014CWB$16
306Victoria VoxMain ActMay 12/Spring 2018CWB$16
96Voices of Winter: Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills, and Cindy MangsenMain ActSun Dec 5/Fall 1999UU$15
104Walt Michael & Co.Main ActFri Sep 8/Fall 2000CWB$9
126Waterson:CarthyMain ActSat Apr 13/Spring 2002HSS$10
206We're About Nine Main ActSat Nov 8/Fall 2008CWB$14
195We're About Nine Opening Act for TanglefootSat Jan 19/Spring 2008WPSU$15
188What's Left?Part of Local Showcase, Main Act Kendra Ward & Bob Bence Sat May 5/Spring 2007CWB$12
46WhirligigMain ActSat Feb 24/Spring 1996CWB$8
196Will Mills & Jeff Howaneck Opening Act for Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers Sat Feb 9/Spring 2008CWB$14
157William KunsmanOpening Act for Sara Milonovich & Greg AndersonSat Jan 15/Spring 2005CWB$12
52Wily Milo String BandOpening Act for The CantrellsSat Oct 5/Fall 1996CWB$7
160Wishing ChairOpening Act for Ann RabsonSat Mar 26/Spring 2005CWB$12
107Y'allMain ActSat Nov 11/Fall 2000CWB$8
84Y'ALLOpening Act for the modal men of mona'sSat Feb 6/Spring 1999CWB$8
224Zoe MulfordOpening Act for Stacey Earle & Mark StuartSat Apr 3/Spring 2010CWB$14/$16

◆ BMA = Boal Museum Amphitheatre ◆ CWB = Center for Well Being ◆ HSS = High School South Auditorium ◆ LVG = Lemont Village Green ◆ MNMS = Mount Nittany Middle School ◆ TST = The State Theatre ◆ UU = Unitarian Universalist Fellowship ◆ WPSU = WPSU Studios in Innovation Park ◆ 

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