Center for Well Being

Volunteers Needed

    • Manager – oversees everything
    • Assistant Manager – coordinates room setup, acts as floater where needed, helps at door
    • Setup Volunteers (2 people) – sets up, tears down room, directs parking
    • Snack Table Volunteer – helps with setup, makes coffee, then runs snack table
    • Door – handles door and CD sales
    • MC – emcees show, shmoozes with audience & performer
    • Bakers (5 people) – bake 80 to 100 pieces each


with Opener
no Opener
5:40Manager & Assistant arrive to unlock door
5:45Setup and snack table volunteers arrive
5:45Plug in coffee pot first thing
6:15Door person arrives
6:45Parking volunteers go out to direct parking
6:45Bakers arrive
7:00Doors open
7:30Show begins, Opener, if any, otherwise Main Act starts and there is only one break)
7:508:15First Break 10 minutes (but tell the audience FIVE!!!)
8:007:30Main Act Set 1
8:45Second Break 20 minutes (but tell the audience FIFTEEN!!!)
9:058:35Main Act Set 2
10:009:30Show Ends
11:00-11:3010:30-11:00All packed up and out of the CWB


Everyone (excepting bakers) stays until all cleanup is finished or until the manager says they are no longer needed.