Volunteers Needed

  • Manager – oversees everything
  • Assistant Manager – oversees setup, snack table and door
  • Coffee/snacks – makes coffee, runs snack table
  • CD and Door crew – two people, CD sales and ticket sales/taking
  • Setup Volunteer — assist with setup before sound check
  • MC/Stage Manager – emcees show, takes care of performers
  • Sound – two people set up up & run sound system, including sound check
  • Bakers (15) – bake 80 to 100 pieces each
  • Jam Coordinator
  • Postering


with Opener
no Opener
3:30Sound people and Setup Volunteer arrive and start to loading/setup
3:30Manager arrives at the Station
4:30Sound check begins for main act
5:00Asst manager and coffee/snack volunteer meet at CWB to transport stuff
5:00MC arrives with food for performers and stage crew
5:15Sound check begins for opening act
5:30Asst manager and coffee/snack volunteer arrive at Station
5:45Sound check begins for main act
6:30Door, CD sales people arrive
6:45Bakers arrive, 2nd shift coffee arrives any time
6:45Bakers arrive
7:00Doors open
7:30Show begins, Opener, if any, otherwise Main Act starts and there is only one break)
7:558:15First Break 15 minutes (but tell the audience TEN!!!)
8:157:30Main Act Set 1
9:00Second Break 15 minutes (but tell the audience TEN!!!)
9:158:30Main Act Set 2
10:159:30Show Ends
11:0010:30All packed up and out of the Station


Everyone (excepting bakers) stays until all cleanup is finished or until the manager says they are no longer needed.