Joe Crookston – Nov 19 WPSU

7:30 pm $20. WPSU Studios in Innovation Park. Buy tickets now
Joe Crookston's Website
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Joe Crookston is a master storyteller & he is seeking the creative edge. His music swirls with themes of lightness, darkness, clocks ticking, fiddle looping, weeping willows, slide guitar bending, cynicism, hope, and the cycles of life and rebirth. If you love a moving song and musical madness, Crookston delivers it all, the melodies, the lyrics, the energy, and a deep passion for exceptionally well-written songs.

Whether he’s picking his 48 Gibson, weaving through lap slide songs or looping his fiddle, Crookston will draw you in. His songs are universal, his rhythm infectious and in concert, he is funny as hell one moment and transcendent the next. With unwavering courage to be himself, he is literate, poignant and funny as hell.

"With all the performers out there, an artist has to go beyond good… and Joe does." – SingOut! Magazine