Fall 08 Lineup
    Fall 2008 Schedule

Labor Day Monday Sep 1 The Fox Hunt at the Lemont Village Green (rain location CWB) 3:00 PM Potluck followed by the concert at 4:00. FLF jam with the group after the concert.
All $Free$

God, and country Gothic, anger, abuse (of substance, of love, of life) -- just a few of many roads the Fox Hunt travelled in their 2007 debut Nowhere Bound. Coming to Acoustic Brew from Martinsburg, WV, The Fox Hunt serves up Americana in the same straightforward, take-no-prisoners way that folks like Merle Haggard, Bill Monroe, or anyone who ever picked up a fiddle in the great states of Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, or Southwest West Virginia has. The Hunt stopped by Acoustic Brew back in October of 2007 to open things up for another raucous bunch of hillbillies, the Hillbilly Gypsies, and we just loved them -- and, according to what you told us, you did, too! We're proud to welcome them back to Acoustic Brew on September 1, 2008 for a free concert and potluck on the Lemont. Put on your best set of overalls, bring along a mess of biscuits, and stop on by the Lemont Village Green (behind the Center for Well Being) and celebrate Labor Day with us as we usher in the 2008-2009 Acoustic Brew season.
"totally in sync with one another, which gives the musicians an opening to extend their storytelling talents and instrumental gifts for all to enjoy." -- Jennifer LB Leese, Picket News, Hagerstown, MD
We're offering this concert for free as our way of saying thanks to our patrons and volunteers! We hope you'll take this opportunity to bring out your friends and family to discover for themselves what this "Acoustic Brew thing" is all about!

POTLUCK PICNIC at 3:00 PM. For the potluck, names beginning with A-F, please bring a desert, G-M, a main dish, N-T a side dish and U-Z, a salad. Bring your own place settings, chairs and/or blanket. We'll have ice tea and lemonade.

SHOW will start at approximately 4:00 PM

JAM afterward at approx. 5:30 PM. Bring your instruments and voices.

In case of rain, the concert will be moved into the Center for Well Being. Since seating is limited in the Center, if it looks like rain, we'll distribute tickets to the first 100 people arriving on the green for the potluck and show.

Sep 19 Van Wagner / Brad Yoder at the CWB 7:30 PM $14

Coal miner, Pennsylvania historian, social activist and commentator, journalist, forestry worker, teacher, songwriter. Van Wagner is truly a Pennsylvania treasure. His music evokes memories of Utah Philips (may he rest in peace), Hazel Dickens, Pete Seeger, and a time in America's past when we didn't have fluorescent lights and the same stores on every street corner. He'll sing you a protest song, he'll do a talkin' blues a la Chris Bouchillon, Bob Dylan, or Woody Guthrie, he'll make you laugh, he'll make you think. Acoustic Brew is proud to have this troubadour on our stage this Fall on September 19, 2009.

Brad YoderPittsburgh-based singer/songwriter Brad Yoder has been performing on coffeehouse and community stages around Pennsylvania for years. He's performed at events with artists as diverse as Steve Earle, Tegan and Sara, Peter Paul and Mary, and even Emmylou Harris. He's been heard on NPR, Dawson's Creek DVD release, CBS' NUMB3RS, and on local Pennsylvania media. He's been compared to Dar Williams, Matthew Sweet, Brenden Benson (of the Raconteurs), and some of the Wallflowers' more radio friendly sounds. He writes with a pop sensibility but delivers with a folksinger's earnest. Acoustic Brew is pleased to welcome one of Pennsylvania's musical sons to our stage to share in a night of Pennsylvania singer/songwriters. Join us September 19, 2009 as Brad shares the stage with Van Wagner in what's sure to be a warm evening of story and song on a cool Fall night.

Oct 4 Sons of the Never Wrong at WPSU 7:30 PM $15
with Nick Annis and Elizabeth Crisfield

This Chicago-based trio is quite the eclectic group, drawing on sounds from folk, jazz, pop, and rock, and naming influences like John Prine, Dylan, and the Beatles. The sons love harmonies, djembe drums, dulcimers, guitars, banjos, and mandolins. Live, they defy musical categorization and instead simply engage one another and the audience with their obvious joy with infectious harmonies and obvious love of live performance. Fans of a more complex folk sound will no doubt be overjoyed with what the Sons of the Never Wrong bring to the stage. The staff at Acoustic Brew is very excited for this show and we think you should be, too. join us on October 4 when we welcome the sons back to Central PA, this time in the "big room" at WPSU.
"The personal glues that hold the group together are a clear joy in performing together, a sense of gratitude to a loyal fan base, and three dry, delightfully skewed senses of humor." -- Chicago Tribune
".Burnin', Inventive, Bright, and Original." -- Livingston Taylor

Nick AnnisNick Annis deftly weaves between and through songs, stories and banter. One man medicine show? Itinerant philosopher? Come listen and find yourself on an unexpected and welcome journey. In 2006 Nick was one of three winners of the South Florida Songwriting Contest, and 2nd place that year in contests at Plowshares (PA), Susquehanna (MD), and Suwannee Riverfest (FL). Nick was honored to have his spoken word piece, "In the Beginning," recorded by Chuck Brodsky on his latest CD, Tulips for Lunch. Nick will be joined on stage with State College classicist turned fiddler Elizabeth Crisfield.
"Nick is recognized for his dry wit, his profound and sincere lyrics, and a voice that is often compared to James Taylor but has a soulfulness uniquely his own." -- Laurie Oudin, Main Street Cafe

Nov 8 We're About Nine at the CWB 7:30 PM $14
with Cornpone Sally

We're About Nine

Defying any easy labels, this Maryland-based trio knows one thing for sure: they like intelligent songs and tight harmonies.  Touring up and down the East coast these last years, WA9 have brought their sound together and are acclaimed from Folk DJs and concert promoters alike, from opening performances for artists like Ellis Paul to their own shows in coffeehouses and community theatre.  We loved them last year when they opened up for Tanglefoot (and it’s no easy task opening up for those crazies!) and from what you told us, you loved them, too. Join us November 8, 2008 when we welcome them back for their own evening.

"Stretches of imagination seldom seen anywhere ... I've just gotten that explosion in my chest that I get when someone new has walked into my life and lit the fuse to another thrill." -- Richard Cuccaro, "Acoustic Live! in NY"
"Profound and fun at the same time!" - WMPG - FM, Chris Darling

Cornpone SallyCornpone Sally was formed late in 2006, for no good reason. It was probably just one of those strange things that happen during a long, dark Pennsylvania winter, like finding a frozen field mouse in your glove compartment. Whatever the cause, the effect is that Elizabeth Berkowitz, Tom Oswald and Greg Smith make crackling good music together. Like the trajectory of a pickup truck on icy country roads, their repertoire varies wildly. You never quite know what they’re going to pull out of their, um, songbook next, but can always count on a hot batch of tasty swing numbers and harmonies you could eat with a spoon. They perform a variety of original compositions as well as imaginative renditions of tunes you may already know. Cornpone Sally invites you to pull up to their musical smorgasboard. And come hungry.

Dec 6 Grey Larsen & Cindy Kallet at the CWB 7:30 PM $14
with Hank Cramer

What happens when one of folk music’s finest songwriters (Kallet) and one of its most earnest instrumentalists (Larsen) get together?  Sheer majesty for the ears, that’s what. These two artists are first-rate performers on their own, but together, they’re positively magical. Kallet brings over 25 years of songwriting and Larsen adds in 30 plus years of instrumental collaborations with Irish music heavyweights like Malcolm Daglish and Pady League, in addition to his own recordings. Larsen, commonly referred to as America’s finest Irish flute and tin whistle player, brings equal grace and sophistication to the fiddle, piano, harmonium, and he sings, too! The Boston Globe opined that that Kallet is " …provocative, heartwise, and original." They’ll play you a reel from County Clare, they’ll do a fiddle duet on an old Appalachian fiddle tune, they’ll wow you with a Scandinavian folk song, then turn around and play something they might have just written last week. Acoustic Brew is pleased to present these artists together on our stage. Join us for one fine December night of music.
"When I was torn between folk music and opera (!), Cindy was one of the reasons I chose to pursue folk music. Her music is lyrical and honest and connects with an intimate space that only a powerful solo performer can reach." -- Dar Williams
About Grey "... a gifted multi-instrumentalist who consistently demonstrates his melodic finesse..." -- Mike Joyce, Washington Post

Hank CramerHank Cramer is a national-touring folksinger from the Pacific Northwest, best known for his booming bass voice, wry humor, and smooth flat-picking on a vintage guitar. His wide repertoire includes cowboy songs, soldier ballads, sea shanties, and miners' songs. Those songs square up with his life experience: at one time or another, he has been an underground miner, an Army "Green Beret", wrangler for a high-country outfitter, and shantyman on a square-rigged sailing ship.
"Cramer's voice is a rich, mellifuous bass of superlative beauty -- this guy was born to sing folk music. " -- Dan Gilman, Sing Out!