Volunteering: Door & CD Sales

At the CWB, one person does both tasks with assistant manager helping during ticket taking. At WPSU, two individuals share these jobs. As the audience is coming in at the start, both people work at the door. At the break after the opening act, one person works the door and the other is at the sales table. By the next break, both people work the sales table.

Be very careful to keep the money separate for ticket sales and album sales for each performer. Even though the performers have agreed in their contract that Acoustic Brew is not responsible for any loss, do your best to keep the money straight.

Keep the money with you at all times!

Pre-show (CD sales):

  1. Get change from the show manager
  2. Check with performer for price of CDs and other products
  3. Find out if checks are ok for CDs, who to make them out to
  4. Make up sign board with prices of all items, how to make out checks
  5. Get basic overview from performer: Which album is most recent? Which is most like tonight’s show?
  6. Arrange products for sale
  7. Put out ABC flyers/post cards and mailing list

Pre-show (Door):

  1. Get change from the show manager
  2. Get tickets to future shows from the show manager; sell them throughout evening
  3. Make sign on signboard with the following info. At CWB, display it outside the entrance.

If the show is sold out (Door)

  1. Have people without tickets stand in line, putting their name on a waiting list in the order they arrived.
  2. At the beginning of the show, show manager counts number of seats available and lets that number of people in.
  3. If someone has extra tickets, have the next person in line buy them directly from that person.

Doors Open (Door)

  1. Don’t let audience in until official “doors open” time.
  2. The exception is bakers and hosts (and at-show volunteers, of course) who may come early to save a seat.
  3. If sound check is not finished by “doors open” time, still keep the audience out
  4. Sell tickets if any are available
  5. Take tickets
  6. Remain in hallway until main act’s second set starts.

During the show:

  1. Sell CDs,
  2. Encourage people to join mailing list

After show:

  1. Stay in hallway until patrons are finished buying CDs
  2. As people leave, thank them for coming
  3. At the CWB, remind people to be quiet outside
  4. Have ABC flyers in hand; give them to people who want them
  5. Balance CD money with performer
  6. Fill out Door Form; make sure door money balances
  7. Give money and door form to manager

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