Volunteering: Assistant Manager


  1. Supervise room set up
  2. Get things started and rolling. If the setup volunteers are doing ok, move on to check on coffee, door, making up white boards, etc. At the CWB, be sure to pay special attention to where everything was, as it’s important to put everything back in its rightful spot afterwards.
  3. Help at door
  4. While people are coming in, hang out with door person unless you are needed elsewhere. It works well for door person to sell tickets and asst mgr to tear them. As people come in, remind them to sign the mailing list.

During the show:

  1. If needed, help out with coffee or CD sales.
  2. Skim the money from the donation basket and hold onto it until the end of the evening – then count it and give it to the manager. At the larger venues, it’s especially important to keep up with the skimming job since there are so many people, so much money collected, and the money is a distance from the performance area.
  3. Help latecomers find seats; if necessary, ask for a show of hands to locate empty seats.
  4. At the CWB, ask parking volunteers if any cars are parked illegally, with special attention to house directly opposite CWB. Make announcement to get those cars moved.

After show:

  • Just before performer’s encore, duck out to front hall so you’re ready. As people leave, stand at the door with a stack of flyers and give them to people that want them. Thank people for coming.

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