Volunteering: Setup Volunteer CWB


  1. Unlock doors
  2. Unlock the two therapy rooms on the left side of the main hallway.
  3. The room next to the concert hall is used for storage only. Please do not have performers or the public use that room. The key is in the upper right hand drawer of the office desk on a key ring; the drawer is full of odds and ends so the keys may not be obvious at first glance. The key is coded with a green marker. The two therapy rooms are used by the performers to store their stuff and warm up.
  4. Carry up the refreshment table from the basement and coffee pot first so the snack table person can get coffee water started. If needed, the key to the basement is hanging on a nail in the coatroom next to the office, just to the right as you enter from the main hallway. The basement key opens the outside entrance along the alley near the rear of the building. From there, you can access the storage area.
  5. Set up the stage if three or more performers will be on-stage at once.
    1. Carry it up from the basement.
    2. Three wooden braces go under it. Pencil markings indicate orientation.
    3. Hook it to the wall
    4. Attach brown cloth skirt around it
  6. Carry up more stuff from basement. (Snack table person helps)
    1. CD/tape display case
    2. Enough chairs to fill the room (don’t use chairs from spa).
    3. All the plastic cases of stuff
  7. Move hallway items to the therapy room nearest the concert room or the back room:
    1. Pillows on the bench in the concert room.
    2. Wooden yoga props in the concert room.
    3. Misc Yoga stuff on the concert stage.
    4. Small benches on either side of doorway to concert room.
    5. Pictures hanging in the hallway.
    6. Plant and the wooden stand in the hallway. (This plant stand has been mistaken for a stool twice and broken, so put it out of harm’s way). Plants by the door to the yoga studio can remain there.
  8. Set up chairs as indicated on diagram. Pay special attention to keeping aisle space so that patrons can get to their seats and that there is a clear path to the emergency exit.
CWB Layout

a listening place