Volunteering: Show Manager


  1. Get a copy of the contract from performer liaison.
  2. Contact volunteers to confirm that they’ll be able to make it to the show
  3. Coordinate with baking coordinator to make sure bakers are lined up
  4. Talk to Mel four or five days before the show to go over details. He’s the one that can best answer specific questions. Make sure Mel will be picking up tickets/money from ticket outlets and that he’ll bring the checkbook and change. If he won’t be at the show, get the pre-signed checks (for performer, opening act, room rent). Mel will put together the apron with change, checks, extra tickets, etc. You need to get it from him. Confirm who is transporting coffee supplies, etc. from CWB to WPSU if the show is being held there
  5. Check with Mel about access to the building and where to get keys if necessary.
  6. One week before a WPSU show, contact WPSU Station Manager to confirm time we’ll need access to:
    1. Loading dock
    2. TV studio
    3. Green room
    4. Conf room closest to food kiosk (for chairs)
    5. 2nd floor lounge/break room (for chairs)
    6. 150 chairs on rolling racks in the studio
  7. Buy perishable & miscellaneous supplies indicated on shopping list from show manager of previous show

During the show:

  1. Make sure coffee pot in the CWB basement is started first thing. It takes a long time for the water to heat up.
  2. Make sure all duties are delegated and volunteers know what they need to do
  3. Give the ticket taker the change and money apron
  4. At the CWB, tell assistant manager whether to use the stage and how many chairs to set up, based on expected audience size. (Don’t forget to count volunteers, comp tickets, performer guests, and opening act.)
  5. At the CWB, take a photos of how everything is set up so that you’ll be able to make sure everything is returned to its rightful spot afterwards.
  6. Decide with the emcee when each set starts; communicate with the performers regarding the start and end times of each set and any signals about when to end each set; make sure the performer is ready!
  7. Assign someone to control house lights.
  8. Personally thank each volunteer and baker.

Work with performers

  1. The show manager is the main interface with performers on show night.
  2. Greet them, show them the dressing room, answer any questions
  3. Get someone to help carry gear if needed
  4. Verify the specifics of the contract
  5. Confirm the length and number of sets (usually two 45-minute sets)
  6. Provide stools, chairs, and drinking water on stage.
  7. Offer to get coffee, snacks, etc. for them. They’re often too busy focusing on other things to do this themselves.
  8. Introduce the performer to the volunteers and to any DJs present.
  9. Introduce the performer to their overnight host.
  10. Let the performer know that the CD sales person and ABC are not responsible for any losses. Confirm whether they still want us to handle their sales.
  11. Get someone to help load gear after the show.

After show:

  1. Fill out Show Audit Sheet (give to Mel) and pay performers. Give extra money to Mel.
  2. Make sure everything is properly cleaned up and put away and all doors locked. Do your best to make sure everything is put back where it was originally, (as best as possible) and the heat is left set where it had been before the show.
  3. Leave check for rent of CWB on desk
  4. Give shopping list to next show manager
  5. If any bakers were no-shows or didn’t bake enough, let Beth know
  6. Post to ABCD-L with comments on how things went & suggestions for improvements

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