Volunteering: Snack Table


Your jobs are to make coffee, take care of the snack table, clean up afterwards, and help the other volunteers as you can.

Brewing Coffee

  1. Start coffee and hot water first..
  2. Supplies: coffee maker, water pitcher, carafes, filters.
  3. Use 12 ounces of coffee per carafe. (measuring cups are in the coffee supply bin)
  4. To use a carafe or another pitcher to catch the coffee, you need to remove the top and pump mechanism if you use the carafe. Be careful as they break really easily.
  5. Wait for the green light to come on before you brew a pot. Once the light is on, position the carafe under the filter basket and hit “Brew.”
  6. Once the carafe is full, replace the pump and top and label the carafe with the type of coffee.
  7. Wait for the green light to come back on before making the next pot.


  1. Set up the refreshment table with the following.
    1. Table cloth
    2. Hot chocolate and teas
    3. Cream
    4. Cold drinks
    5. Sugar and sweetener
    6. Hot and cold cups
    7. Napkins
    8. Basket for contributions
  2. Do not put out paper plates. They encourage people to take too much!
  3. Thank bakers as they bring their items in. You may be their main contact with ABC, so even though you are another volunteer too, do thank and make them feel appreciated. Introduce the bakers to the show manager and any other volunteers so they can thank them, too. Cut the baked goods into smaller portions if necessary.

During the show:

  1. Make more coffee if it is needed. Sometimes we run out before the show even begins!
  2. During Breaks
    1. Replenish and rearrange snack table
    2. If needed, make more coffee or hot water at end of first break. It is expected that the snack table person may need to miss part of the show in order to keep up with the coffee needs.
  3. After the last break, unplug the coffeemaker so the water in the reservoir can start to cool.

After show:

  1. Empty the coffee maker. First run cold water through it so you don’t burn yourself as you empty it. Remove the small screw in front of the reservoir cover and remove the entire top of the coffeemaker. Insert the plastic drain hose down to the bottom of the reservoir and siphon the water out of the tank. Replace the top.
  2. Thoroughly rinse each carafe.
  3. Give money from contributions basket to manager.
  4. If goodies are left over, make a care package for performers to take. Before emptying carafes, see if performers want coffee “for the road.”
  5. Make shopping list of items needed for next time; give to manager.

Donation Basket

The assistant manager will come by now and then to skim the money off the donation basket.

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